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Air ... Let us take care

Smile Air Shop We take care of customers for more than 16 years. Complete service on air conditioning.
Clean Air condition

Air cleaning service For full performance, super cool

Consulting and system design

By designing, calculating and installing by engineers, team of skilled technicians


Besides selling air conditioners, we also provide maintenance services as well.

Selling air conditioners

When buying air conditioners with us, all models, all brands, free installation by a team of skilled technicians within 1 day

Install air conditioner

We have a team of experts to install the air conditioner for you.

Selling VRF system

Is an air conditioner that is suitable for installation in large buildings such as hotels, offices, meeting rooms etc.

Complete with air conditioning

Smile Air provides services for sales, installation, repair, cleaning of all types of air conditioners, consulting, system design Calculated and installed by engineers, team of skilled technicians Installation of air conditioners, houses, hotels, resorts, offices, and meeting rooms Air conditioner installation, VRF system, maintenance service For long-term use, full efficiency
  • Wall Type
    Wall Type
  • Ceiling/Floor Type
    Ceiling/Floor Type
  • Package Type
    Package Type
  • Built-in Type
    Built-in Type

Wall Type Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning is a compact format. Suitable for use in rooms with little space. The most commonly used in the home. Or various rooms for rent

Advantages: modern style And available in a wide variety of silences and easy to install

Disadvantages: Not suitable for heavy work Because the air conditioner is small

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Ceiling/Floor Type Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is ideal for rooms where space is small. To large sizes such as bedrooms, offices, restaurants, meeting rooms

Advantages: You can choose to install the floor. Or hanging the ceiling Can use a variety Compatible with all locations And there is good ventilation

Disadvantages: There are not many designs to choose from.

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Package type Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is similar cabinets. High in size and very strong wind power Suitable for areas where people are in and out all the time. Or a room with mirrors

Advantages: Easy to install, can be set on the floor. Cool faster because a large diameter fan blade.

Disadvantages: waste of living space

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Built-in Type Air conditioning

Air conditioning that emphasizes beauty With the embedded ceiling of the room Suitable for rooms that want to emphasize beauty and decoration.

Advantages: Beautiful, can make a hidden cabinet on the ceiling of the room

Disadvantages: Difficult to install due to the need to embed And maintenance is not convenient

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BTU Calculation

We can calculate the air size to suit the room size easily by ourselves.

Air conditioner size selection

Choosing the size of the air conditioner to suit the room to be installed is important. To get the proper cooling Long service life of air conditioners And including saving electricity each month as well We need to know the size of the room to choose the appropriate cooling rate or the appropriate BTU.
The formula used to calculate the room area
BTU = [width (m) × length (m)] × variable
Room without sunlight Sunlight room

Living Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Dining Room
Working Room
Working Room


สำหรับลูกค้าที่ซื้อแอร์จากร้านสไมล์แอร์ แนะนำเพื่อนให้มาซื้อแอร์ที่ร้าน รับคูปองล้างแอร์ ฟรี มูลค่า 500 บาท ง่ายๆ แค่นี้คุณก็ได้ล้างแอร์ฟรีไปเลย

หมดเขต 30 เมษายน นี้ เท่านั้น




ซัมเมอร์ปีนี้ ทางร้านสไมแอร์จัดโปรโมชั่นคลายร้อนให้ลูกค้า ซื้อแอร์กับเราราคาเริ่มต้นเพียงแค่ 12,900 บาท และบริการติดตั้งให้ฟรีภายใน 1 วัน หากลูกค้าสนใจโทรติดต่อสอบถามทางร้านได้เลยค่ะ หรือจะมาเจอกันที่ร้านก็ได้ทั้ง 2 สาขาค่ะ

ราคาตามโปรโมชั่นนี้มีเฉพาะบางรุ่น บางยี่ห้อเท่านั้น


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